To censor or ban a user from an online social media platform, usually due to the user sharing ideas or content that the administrators of the platform disagree with on an ideological level.
"I archived Jane's facebook post on voter fraud before it was fact checked. I'll send it to you in a private message."
by Brundle November 11, 2020
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An attempt to set the public narrative about what is true by framing individual's or organization's words in either a positive or negative light. Fact checks use labels such as "mostly true" and "mostly false" to frame equivalent statements in a positive or negative light depending on who made them. They also assume implications and intent of the speaker to frame technically correct statements as inaccurate in that the fact checker's own assumed implications were incorrect. When all else fails they use "missing context" to ignore the accuracy of the statement and interject related information to distract from it.
PolitiFact: "We've fact checked Ron Paul's statement about federal income tax being zero before 1913 as half true. There was one for a 10 year period a half century earlier after all"
Critic: "Didn't you fact check an equivalent statement by Jim Web as mostly true though? Oh wait. He's a democrat, isn't he?"
PolitiFact: ;)
by JassAMan April 30, 2023
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After luring millions of people onto Facebook with the false promise of free friends and free sex, Mark Zuckerberg suddenly started "fact checking" our free speech until only the views in line with his his rich cronies' plot for world domination were allowed.
by D Flawless May 12, 2020
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Telling lies in order to prove you don't love Putin.
After some intense fact checking, it was determined that Russia ate the fact check site's homework.
by Objective-Reason Daddy March 14, 2022
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Something nobody on Urban Dictionary thinks to do before posting a definition.
"London's definitely the richest city in the world."

In fact, Tokyo, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles all had a higher gross domestic product than London, according to 2008 statistics. A simple fact check could have informed you of this fallacy.
by AmysMan February 7, 2012
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A "Near-Fact-Check" or "NFC" is a polite way to call a "fact-check" that failed to meet logical integrity -wrong, but "hey, you almost got it buddy.". This helps the "fact-checker" to not be depressed or toxic, or take out their rage on the victims of their gas-lighting narcissistic abuse. Since fact-checkers are given so much trust by the public, and had one job to do - and failed at providing the facts - they are gas-lighting, by definition, and narcissistically.
"Hey, look, PoliticFact, I know you tried real hard there and I appreciate that energy, but it didn't cut it. It's okay, let's just call it a 'Near Fact Check' and give you a golden star right there next to your name anyways, for trying ... okay?"
by Biggie Dawg January 29, 2021
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To be in a public place, do something that is usually only done in private followed by an immediate glance in all directions to see if anyone noticed.
Andy walked into the classroom while texting and absent mindedly passed gas. He quickly realized his surroundings and did an after the fact check by looking around to see if anyone heard.
by Uncle Punky November 9, 2013
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