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Used to describe a girl who uses the social networking tool facebook to the extreme. This is usually somone who is on facebook all the time and posts slutty pictures of themselves or comment on as many walls an photos as possible in hopes of making their profile and selves look popular. They will even comment randomly to strangers or old friends they haven't spoken to in years.

In many cases this person will have "Modeling" pictures in which they don't really model anything but try to look good. They often delete negative comments and enjoy accepting every friend request they receive so they're list looks larger. Frequent profile picture changes is another symptom. Although a majority of faacebook queens are decent looking, others work the camera angle or use the now famous "my space" angles to work cut around being fat and ugly.

They also tend to un-tag any and all un flattering photos and upload ridiculous amounts of albums. A name change to something stupid is quite common. They often make lots of notes or do the quizzes. These people generally have a low self-esteem.
Ok so I met that girl last night and she added me on facebook immediately... I mean she was pretty good looking but when I looked at her profile i could TELL she was a FACEBOOK QUEEN... how can you take someone like that seriously??
by HappyPappy1988 June 01, 2009
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