1. Purposely ignoring someone. Not responding to their messages, posts or likes for whatever reason.
Can also mean blocking them.

2. Facebook itself blocking you due to something you've either posted, words you've used or for harassment of another user.
This is the order you usually get put in Facebook Jail for:
24 hrs
48 hrs
72 hrs
3 days
7 days
14 days
30 days
Then if you just don't get the hint, Facebook will eventually permanently delete your profile.
Once FB begins throwing you in jail for WEEKS at a time....*then* the index in their computer system takes over and begins searching every post you've EVER made ANYWHERE on FB.
At this point your days are numbered because even if you 'behave' & refrain from naughty posts, when FB finds something..... and they will....you'll be in my shoes, lol.
That's why you see so many 2nd acct's popping up.

Being sent to or throw in Facebook Jail usually required someone reporting you for the above reasons in the second definition. Facebook would check it & if it was a violation they'd block you (FB Jail)
But after you've done a few stints in Jail due to being reported, Facebook itself now uses a HUGE index to sift through your profile as far back as when you created it, looking for words you aren't allowed to use anymore or memes they deem over the top.
How do I know all of this? I'm currently doing time on a 30 day stint, lol. The sad part? It was for something I said months ago!
First definition example:
* * "Will you message Stephanie for me & tell her I'm sorry?"
"Why don't you do it yourself?"
"I can't, she put me in Facebook Jail."

*If John keeps flirting with that bitch I'm putting his ass in Facebook Jail, fuck him."

Second definition (most widely used):
** "Where in the hell have you been? I haven't seen you for days."
" I was in fucking Facebook Jail for 7 days."

**Dude, I wouldn't post that meme again if I were you. You know you'll do another stint in Facebook Jail."

* Also known as :
Being incarcerated
Doing time
Locked up
***Not to be mistaken for the term "On ignore", " Being placed on ignore"
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When your Facebook account is suspended, which now occurs for the most minor of jokes and comments. Unlike real jail, there is no reprieve or parole: your sentence is final, while repeat offenders are offline for now weeks.
I just got out of Facebook Jail! I shouldn't have made that joke about insert offensive topic.
by sanjuro_kurosawa April 6, 2021
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The state where you're blocked from adding friend because you tried to add the friends THEY RECOMMENDED in the first place.
"I wanted to 'friend you, but I'm in Facebook Jail."
by Bob Left September 26, 2011
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Facebook Jail is when Facebook punishes an account (profile or business page) -it could be that it blocks some features or disable the full account- because it breaks Facebook laws (post inappropriate content, post too fast, give too many likes, etc.).
I'm going to be in facebook jail for a week! Guess it's time to go watch paint dry!
by IndyJeff May 16, 2017
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Anytime you accidentally or purposly violate facebook's terms you get banned or blocked until further notice
I for one being a Facebooker was unaware that i was at my 5000 friend limit so I was put in Facebook Jail for 1 week and 3 days.
by Jaye_$upreme October 12, 2017
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Putting someone in 'facebook jail' refers to hiding their status updates b/c they (a) annoy you or (b) really fuckin' annoy you. This has no bearing on how you feel about the person, only how you feel about their thoughts contaminating your news feed. Okay, maybe it has a little bearing on what you think of the person, and whether or not it was smart to add them in the first place.
Homie, you are one step away from being put in facebook jail. Your status updates are fucking retarded.
by Seraph Belmont September 14, 2011
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Facebook blocks you because you want privacy and changed your name into a fake name. Or Facebook blocks you because you post too much in a group, Facebook sees you as spam. Or Facebook blocks you for having too many friends. Facebook is extremely introverted. Not a good place for extroverts.
This is Steve, I am in Facebook jail for 7 days. This is my brothers account.
by Ravenland April 23, 2018
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