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The act of using a friend's profile picture as your own and posting obnoxious comments on other's walls.
I FaceCrooked Erin (fill in the name of the person in the stolen picture) and posted the following comment on her profile page: Erin just took the quiz "Which ex-boyfriend do I imagine when I masturbate? The results are in and Erin thinks about Chris every single time she gets off."
by go.eye.rush March 24, 2009
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The victim of a fraudulent, illegal, or evil act on facebook.
Ashley was facecrooked! Her ex-boyfriend hacked her facebook account and sent perverted messages to everyone on her friends list!
by Fletch Facecrook January 03, 2010
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The act of pirating ones way into someones Facebook account, then absolutely butchering it. It can vary from changing the relationship status to "Married to joey buttafuoco" or changing ones proflie picture to a giant douche.
Damn son, not again. I forgot to logout at the library and some monkey changed my profile picture to a close up of Michelle Obama's jibbs, she looks like Baraka from Mortal Combat.......face-crooked yet again....sigh
by tb2_nola August 21, 2010
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