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A term originated from a Sean Kingston song bearing the same name. This is the action of being awed by the fact that someone who you originally underestimated turned out to be your true love.

"And now I see your face drop, I told you not to leave me alone and now that I got my own, I see your face drop, I told you not to count me out"
After being rejected, Sean's sought after girl had a face drop upon realization they were meant to be together.
by nftylegacy September 29, 2009
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V. To face drop: to tag yourself in another persons photograph on Facebook that you are clearly not in. To be Face Dropped on: When a lonely person tries to insert themselves into your fun evening by inserting a name tag on your photo indicating that they were at said event.

Frequently Used : Face Dropped, Face Dropping
That annoying person just face dropped on my photo

These high schoolers keep trying to face drop on the photos from my 30th birthday

Some people think face dropping gives them notoriety, but it doesn't.
by K. Crow January 13, 2011
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A word made famous by metal band Jagstog.
When running, biking, skiing, or any other fast-paced forward movement that has an unwanted end result of smashing one's face into the pavement, gravel, or other hard/painful surface.

"So I was running down the street and this little Jaggernaut came running out in front of me and i tripped over him...did a facedrop right into the sidewalk."
by Kevin Cernjul October 15, 2006
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The act of cyber eavesdropping through an online blog or other interactive website such as Facebook. Entails reading a public conversation that probably has nothing to do with you.
"I was facedropping the other day and saw that (insert name) is dating (insert another name)!"
by NManley March 30, 2009
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