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Fly Young Gentleman.A cool guy who dresses fly is young and acts like gentleman to get the ladies an fyg is confident and a bit arrogant but they an pull it of and they usually hang with other fyg's fly young gentlemen
Man 1: Do you think you can get that girl?
FYG: Dude im a fyg i can get your mom if you want?
by Chris dyke June 14, 2012
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FYG means " fuck you good '' as a responce to FMG which means " fuck me good "
linsey " mike FMG "
mike "imma FYG your gonna be walking sideways for a month "
by LowKey Lowkz October 28, 2013
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Acronym for Fuck Your God, a proper response to somebody freaking out on you and starting their sentence in OMG.
"OMG what the hell is your problem"

"FYG and get lost nobody cares about your pointless bullshit!"
by BSaari August 01, 2009
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Fuck Your Geeve, to many people nowadays use it , and sometimes they use it for no reason at all. They think they look cool by saying; i geeve, but there wrong, no one cares if u geeve, keep that shit to yourself, and dont put it on your facebook status, or shit like that.
Tiffany; Man, i geeve.

Jawid; Bitch , FYG.
by BPORPFJ12 January 03, 2010
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Abbreviation for 'first year girl'. Usually only applied to sexy first year girls.
'What are the FYGs doing?'
by The Warden of Ashburne Hall September 17, 2008
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