The greatest way to ask your buddy (male or female) if they would actually have sex with the person you are talking about.. So SUBTLE, and the person never knows.. WY is the first 2 letters in "WOULD YOU". Say the letters by themselves, together fast. And no one is the wiser!
Dude, look.. over there... "W Y".
by David February 9, 2005
What you saying. The most difficult and confusing question to be asked. Not very understandable, are they actually asking what I'm saying or what I'm doing.
Random person: "wys"
Me: "idk"

Random person: "wys"
Me: "nm wbu"
by Skdhsud January 20, 2019
What you saying, typically used by roadmen and chavs
Roadman 1. Wys g

Roadman 2. Nothing much
by Mcsmally October 8, 2019
Gareth : yo wargwarn brethren
Ahmed : safe , wys bruv
Gareth : blazin tha green wby
by ilovemorg December 2, 2015
Wys - What You Sayin?
Means what's happening/what's up/what you doing wyd
Common Roadman: "yo blud wys my g"
You: "with ur mum fam"
Angry Roadman: "wasteman ked"
by Xenza June 17, 2018
What you even doing?
"if you're not competing with your brother over who can grow longer leg hair wyed" - Paris Jackson
by Isocahedron August 30, 2017
Jerome: wys after school?

Jessica: going to Ashlyn's house after school.
by bxlla April 11, 2018