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Adjective - Not being able to care less in general or about a certain topic, job or situation. Not feeling interest in general. Could also be a type of mood. Often used when you have a certain responsibility that you should be devoted to, but instead have lost the will to give any concern for.

Usually occurs after repeated attempts to correct something or better a situation that one has ultimately decided cannot be corrected or made better as a result of bureaucratic involvement or an asshole boss.

Alcohol and drugs lead to an increased level of geeving.

When a person or group "geeve" more than hard, it is commonly referred to as "next-level geeving". For example, a person could geeve. A person would geeve more by "geeving hard" and lastly a person would geeve extraordinarily by "next-level geeving".

When a person is next-level geeving, they have either done something so lazy that words can barely describe it, or they are as useless as a non-working pen in the shape of a syringe in the middle of South Africa.
Fab is geeving. Tony is geeving more than Fab. Tyler geeves hard and Joe is next-level geeving.
by FunnyMisty December 27, 2016
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1. Having no particular interest or concern; apathetic: geeve about the sufferings of others
2. Having no marked feeling for or against: She geeved about their proposal
3. Not mattering one way or the other: I geeve which outfit you choose
4. Characterized by a lack of partiality; unbiased: a geeving moderator
5. Not active or involved; neutral: guests of this site geeve
One who "geeve"s; Often heard to utter the word "meh", type *shrugs shoulders.
by Tom February 25, 2003
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a word originating from chaminade college in toronto: to not care; to geeve
joe: bro i got this job and i have to work from 3-10 and...
mike: bro geeving, shut up


mike: bro my girlfriend broke up with me i'm going to have an emotional breakdown
joe: geeve!!
by Michael De Persis November 02, 2006
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CHRISTINA:can you go to land on saturday?
ALICIA:i donno i gotta ask my dad
CHRISTINA:what if your dad says no?
ALICIA: I GEEVE i'll go anyways.
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A word which originated at Chaminade College in Toronto that means to not care; to not give a damn
"Yo bro, i heard that guy was talkin shit about you"
"Pffffft, i geeve hard about that
by !Marji December 19, 2009
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