Only a slightly crazy sweetheart can be named Jawid. A person with this name will push a girl into the lake and then save her. He lets women sit on his favourite pullover.

Shia LaBeouf
Jawid, why do people die of hunger?
by Schnägg August 4, 2010
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Jawid is a word derieved from persia Iran means immortal or light

He is a Loyal person an Hardwork guy .He has a lot of porential in him.He a Sacrificing guy most probabily. He does'nt work all time but when he does he is all in it.

Jawid is character that does'nt really show up all the time but He is always there.Most people don't know about javed but he is a Trustyworthy guy and will never let you down he is a Listener who listen not what you speak but to your Soul and give best advice .He may have been gone through a lot but he never complains and doesn't tell about to anyone .

Not to forget about how Sexy body he has .He is kind a complete BOOTY person (for guys too) .he is Shy and Genrous personbut a complete Badass with whom you should not mess with

Jawid doesn't discriminate people. Jawid is a Amazing person whith so much Charisma to make you smile .Jawid is the best friend anyone can ever have.
Girl: 1 what happended why are you so much blushing ?

Girl 2: i was in labrary and my books fell and then Jawid showed up he helped me.
by February 5, 2022
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