Fucking Whore who tries to act like a slut; Ugly
There were many FW's on the way to school.
by Eric (Immortal Tech) November 16, 2011
Financial Winner, a term used when you've managed to make a saving on something, or better still got something for free.
I'm going to London on the weekend, train costs £7.50, but I can go by Megabus for £1.00 FW!!

I'm off to the gym for a shower, rather than using my own hot water, FW!!

Sorry it's cold in here, haven't had the heating on in years, FW!!
by Swindon July 13, 2007
Initialism for "Fictitious Work". It is used to mention that a post is work of fiction.
Why Reqa is lying about her poem? The poem written by Reqa is not FW.
by M. Kathers December 3, 2020
Funny Warning, sarcastic, used before text similar to tw
FW: Look at this minion meme my aunt posted on facebook
by MistyMooMoo April 16, 2020
Fuckin Whore.

Usually used by a female as a way of saying that she accepts the fact that she is abusing her hottness and taking advantage of multiple interested parties simultaneously and leading them on. This advantage taking can be emotionally, physically or monetarily. Similar to a player, but not necessarily a slut.
I'm such a FW
by HornyMooz January 10, 2010
Fuckwad- knot at the back of your hair or messy hair from having sex
yo Jackson look at that girl with the FW
by Birblover62 July 9, 2018