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Hey dude check out that girl, she's got a great body. No man, you don't want her, she suffers from FUFS! What's FUFS? Have her turn around and you'll find out!
by OliverRoyHienie August 04, 2011
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Fucked Up Friday!
the day where you go out and get drunk(weed,alchol,ect)
Chris:Hey lets go F.U.F at the movies today!
bruce:what do you know about fufing chris!
giovanny:niggas i know about fufing
by Giovanny Martinez December 03, 2008
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FUF aka the Farncombe Ultra Violence Firm

An elite group of high street wreckers dedicated to ultra-violence and going postal at every opportunity.

The FUF have a large number of secret members (similar to the iluminati) and can be recognised by their chest filled tatoos with FUF across them in hispanic font.

"do you want to go outside for some FUF ?"

"oh my god its the FUF, fighting the popo"
by Little Fella February 07, 2009
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A person's ability to royally fuck up a situation. Also known as the "fuck up factor"
by wes February 24, 2005
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The area between the girls belly button, and the top of there pants/shorts.
That girl has a 3 inch fuf!
by charlie July 13, 2004
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One usually has a FUF to make them feel better about themselves.
Ashley has many FUF because she is so ugly.
Damn kid, is that yo mamma or yo FUF???
by Bambi July 05, 2004
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