A Fan SoundTrack. In short, a mix CD / MP3 compilation whose songs and / or music is dedicated to a particular fandom or attribute of that fandom, such as a certain paring, or an episode, chapter, arc, or scene. Usually made open for public download by uploading the individual / compressed file(s) to public file sharing websites, such as rapidshare, megaupload, or by using torrents.
Let me know when you're done making that FST for Superman, 'cause I wanna download that shit ASAP.
by _allismine_ August 12, 2007
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Forced Sterilization Machine-rumored to stop the trollge
Use the FST on the th!t
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"I was hammered from all those FSTs"

"Who wants to join me in a little FST?!"

"I always make room for a little FST"
by Alleged Pimp March 17, 2010
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Refers to one of three possible timezones:
1. Fillipino standard time
2. Furcadia Standard Time
3. Fun slut time
1. We told the guests to arrive at 7PM FST for the 8PM orgy.
2. The furries had a "get-together" at 4AM FST
3. I reward my hard work and good job performance with a trip to the FST zone every Friday.
by Bad C dev April 26, 2022
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Date log
June 21st, 2043, Entry: The trollge has been placed into a trap to watch h*ntai. He has been addicted, and has been successfully moved into base. The FST is on the way, and time is running out.

Log 2: He has been strapped and the FST is ready, liquids have to be readied.

Log 3: The FST is ready to be used, preparing for ejection.

Log 4: He has disappeared, we presume he is dead.
The Trollge FST incident is a state secret.
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(noun) refers to the adjustment made on the actual expected time to account for Filipino time.
Mark wants to start his show at exactly 8:00PM and expects everyone to be there already. Since his audience might consist of Filipinos, he announces his show to start at Filipino Savings Time (FST) 7:00PM instead, taking to consider the usual Filipino Time.
by Andrei "CodeCalibre" June 19, 2010
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