A term to desbribe the act of sipping a frozen beverage such as a milkshake and keeping it in your mouth while going down on a guy.
My boyfriend andrew is so satisfied with me. Lastnight we went to jack in the box, and I got a vanilla shake. When we got home, I gave him a frozen banana. It drove him crazy!
by Brittany T April 22, 2008
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the sexual act of collecting enough semen to fill up a condom and then the said condom is frozen. Once the semen is frozen the condom is removed and only the penis shaped semen popsicle is left and inserted into a woman's vagina while she is sleeping. by the time she wakes up the semen pop is melted and the sperm has reached her ovaries.
My girlfriend cheated on me so to get back at her i gave her a frozen banana pop to get her pregnant without her ever knowing.
by Have-A-Fantastic-Norwich-Day October 10, 2010
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To shit into a condom, insert a stick, freeze it, peel off the condom and penetrate your partner then eating the remaining thawed out feces with your partner.
Miranda: Hey man what do you wanna do?

Tay: I dont know. Do you want a Frozen Chocolate Banana?

Miranda: Sure

( 30 mins later )

Miranda: Wow! and theres enough for dessert!
by FTB_5831 February 23, 2010
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When you shit a fat log, freeze it, then carefully shove it in your girls vagina so she clenches down on it. So eventually it melts then you stitch her vagina up for her rebounds surprise.
" Man Clarissa just makes me wanna shove my Puerto Rican Frozen Banana down her throat."
by Young Jazo July 09, 2018
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