3 definitions by Young Jazo

When you shit a fat log, freeze it, then carefully shove it in your girls vagina so she clenches down on it. So eventually it melts then you stitch her vagina up for her rebounds surprise.
" Man Clarissa just makes me wanna shove my Puerto Rican Frozen Banana down her throat."
by Young Jazo July 9, 2018
When your girl is spitting on your dick and starts thrusting rapidly till you cum everywhere but, she quickly slurps and takes the excess and attempts/ succeeds wiping it all over your fucking arm.
"Mary why the fuck did you just give me an Armenian Sloppy Joe, I can't fucking move a muscle my arm is so sticky and potent with the smell of my semen"
"After I slipped it into her ass she jacked me off rough and sexy then took the pool of cum and gave me a Armenian Sloppy Joe"
by Young Jazo February 27, 2019
While your partner is blind folded, you whip out your cock and bat her so hard against the face it leaves a mushroom imprint.
“Put your blind fold on and get ready baby for this Blind Bat”
“Baby omg give me some Blind Bat, lemme see how strong that cock is.”
by Young Jazo December 5, 2019