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An acronym----Flip Out On Pussy

To really go angrily crazy on your favorite cunt, with the goal being, to empty the contents of your bag with a furious vengence.
After his nightly Foop, he proceeded to do berzerkers on his Fuckin Whore!
by Drano April 20, 2009
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Fooping is a mix between farting and pooping.

Foop is a time when you really feel like you hafta fart, and you think, what the heck? Why not, right? So then you fart and later you check your under pants and there is a "foop" right there.

Fooping can also happen in showers, pools, and many other locations you may feel alone in, but your not, FOOP WILL BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!
"Aww man, I fooped in my pants again!"

"When I was using the bathroom, I found a little foop in my pants...."
by creampuff March 08, 2005
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To fall over, to lay on ones side, particularly the action of a cat or animal
โ€œYeah my cat Turbo saw me walk in the door and fooped waiting to be petโ€
by Cllssjx810 February 18, 2018
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The sound of, AND the action of a toddler stepping foot in his poopy diaper.
Dad: "Where did all the shitty foot prints come from"? Mom: "I missed the trash can with the diaper and the baby FOOPED on it before I could pick it up".
by Dakeboy 59 May 12, 2013
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The art of farting and pooping in one furious explosion. Usually staining everything around
I was watching TV and I felt a foop erupting from my bowels
by heifer. July 20, 2014
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