An acronym----Flip Out On Pussy

To really go angrily crazy on your favorite cunt, with the goal being, to empty the contents of your bag with a furious vengence.
After his nightly Foop, he proceeded to do berzerkers on his Fuckin Whore!
by Drano April 20, 2009
Using the restroom with the intentions of pooping when only flatulence is present.
"False alarm, it was only a FOOP."
by MikaelaVille December 29, 2021
The sound of, AND the action of a toddler stepping foot in his poopy diaper.
Dad: "Where did all the shitty foot prints come from"? Mom: "I missed the trash can with the diaper and the baby FOOPED on it before I could pick it up".
by Big Polla May 12, 2013
A Cross Between A Fart And A Poop!
I Thought I Had To Pass Gas, But I Fooped!
by The Original One March 3, 2008
Having sex, coitus, sexual intercourse.

An old Barbadian term, still in use.

NB: In Barbados, this term has nothing to do with pooping or farting, but everything to do with sex.
He and she were fooping under the trees.

The neighbours were fooping so loudly, it woke me up.
by Mile Tree September 21, 2013
Kid friendly way of saying sharted

combination of fart and pooped
Daughter (sobbing): "Daddy, I accidentally pooped in my pants when I tried to fart, I'm sorry"
Daddy: (how do I say it's ok that she sharted?) "It's ok honey, you just FOOPED. It happens to a lot of people."
by medicJT794 February 8, 2010