Every grade after elementary school is the equivalent of hell. This is just the one that introduces you to hell. Maybe 5th grade was -kinda- like jail. This is 50x worse. No one really cares about their grades and they only care about their friends. Except they'll make a sex joke every 5 seconds and no one seems to care. Also, the teachers will either be really strict or really dense. However, you may find one or two teachers that offer forgiveness and seem like angels in this world of hell. Eventually those teachers will remind you that we'll all die in 40 years because of global warming.

6th grade.

Yes, I do hate 6th grade and will for the rest of my life.

5th grader: It can't be that bad!

Oh, but it is, you'll see.
by Thebakaneko April 26, 2019
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6th Grade is where you learn all the shit you have already learned in Elementary school. 6th Grade is a fucking waste of time. Teachers are fucking cunts, and it is a place where there is no freedom because of a Cunt Licking Asshole called the "Principal". School only teaches kids to care about what other people think of them.
Teacher : Jake, what is 3 + X if X = 2?

Jake: We learned this in Elementary school, you fucktard.

Teacher: Excuse me? That is a Detention!

Jake: Fuck you you fucking cunt licking asshole. Suck my dick, you peice of worthless shit. Fuck 6th Grade.

Teaher: (Speechless)
by SchoolBlowsCunt May 28, 2009
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Where all you hopes and dreams are crushed by one problem.
I had friends in 6th Grade... that was fun
by PenisEnlarge October 16, 2019
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A year that you have a former prison guard that loved it so much that he wanted to work as an In School Suspension teacher. Also the year where you learn nothing except how to commit suicide. Fun Fact: 100% of sixth graders have depression. Another Fun Fact: 100% of sixth grade teachers failed out of their original collage course and resorted to slave owner class.
Luke: Did you skip 6th grade?
Me: Yeah of course, I had my prison crash course in elementary school.
by AC from Northern May 1, 2019
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6th grade is when everyone turns on each other and everybody is a psychopath. It's also when teachers want to cause you pain.
5th grader: Oh I'm so excited for 6th grade!
Me: Oh you poor soul
by Who am I and who are you? November 7, 2021
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A worthless place where teachers make us fight to get an a and kids use stupid comebacks just to start Drama which is also big in 6th grade
Sammy: Your moms gay

Samantha: Your dad's great in bed
Daniel: your in the 6th grade knock it off
by Therapist_girly November 28, 2018
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the time you inject 7 liters of cocaine into your bloodstream
i love 6th grade because of meth
by Sprockettttttt April 24, 2021
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