Fuck love is referring to getting hurt and feeling that you’re never going to be able to love the same.
Fuck love, you say that you love me but where is the truth in that?
by Devin Bolmon November 16, 2017
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love is the most amazing feeling ever.
But it hurts.
It hurts because the person you love doesn’t love you back.
It hurts because you were expecting to be happy after saying *i like you*
but you’re worse than before.
It hurts because you thought something and it happened the other way.

Now it hurts more when I say I LOVE YOU because I know you don’t feel it the same way.

And I’m doing this word in Urban Dictionary for you, hope you don’t realize that is me.

Is just wanna say that I love you and I’m sorry.
This fucking love hurts.
But I can’t change your mind.
I just want you to be happy, don’t worry about me.
by Sksksks hydroflask August 14, 2019
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having sexual intercourse with no limitations so that yu and your partner can let out all of your stresses and angers with each other in the most intimate way which pleases you both.....this is sorta like make up sex but a little more kinky and hardcore
fuck love is hardcore sex where you beat the hell outa each other while fuckin

honey i do not agree with us getting a dog lets compromise five minutes later ....mmmmmm uhhhhhh a dog might be beneficail to the kids ooooooo harder bitch yeah thats the spot_________ this is what is known as fuckl ove
by willow ribbons December 28, 2011
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A snapchat story where you show who made you say fuck love.

Mainly a private story
Hey add me to your Fuck Love Story I wanna know who hurt you
by Azxaesz February 24, 2020
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A person who tends to be a variable. Someone who can have a calm conversation with extensive use of the word fuck. And go to yelling at someone who happens to walk past for no apparent reason. Likely will always be the life of the party. Tends to keep you in good spirits. And always on a 10
We was talking and he ty fucking loved a fat chick that walked by.
by El chapo grande December 20, 2016
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1. A Facebook group created for people who like the idea of being a scientist, but would prefer not to put in the work to actually become one.

2. An exclamation used by people on the aforementioned Facebook group, usually in reference to something that is only tangentially related to science.
Have you seen the new episode of The Big Bang Theory? I fucking love science!
by ThinEnemy December 30, 2014
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