FetLife is a social networking website that serves to people who are interested in BDSM, Fetishism and Kink. It's very similar to Facebook and MySpace but it's mostly run by kinksters instead.

FetLife was launched in early 2008 by this guy name John Baku, who was pretty much frustrated by his attempts to find women who had the same fetishes as he did, SO he created a dating website called 'peoplewithfetishes' which eventually became an online community, known as Fetlife.

This is a members only site, so you have to sign up. (it's free though) and basically once a member you could create a personal profile and list which fetishes you're into and curious about. You can also upload/view pictures and videos, including explicit ones that are often rejected by other sites. And you can write journal entries called Writings, and send and receive private messages called Conversations with other members.

There's also groups where people form events, conventions, parties, workshops; all in which people RSVP to attend and meet other members. It's pretty interesting and really cool. I personally have an account just cause I'm naturally drawn to that subculture though not enough to make me want to participate in it.
=Online Chat=

lonelymasochist: Hey, I just posted up a new picture on FetLife from last week's party.

nastydominatrax: Cool, which one? The one of all of us, dressed in leather while were humping the statue?

lonelymasochist: Lol, no but I should post that one up on FetLife now that you remind me. But I'm talking about the one where I'm rimming your butt while the dark master is spanking you.

nastydominatrax: Ohhh! Yeah. I'm gonna check it out right now.
by spunkychick October 27, 2010
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Fetlife IS basically Facebook for BDSM/kinky people.

Fetlife IS NOT a hook-up website or a dating website. Many guys go on Fetlife and get really, really frustrated when hordes of women don't swarm them like submissive, cock-starved zombies. Thankfully, they're usually to ashamed of their sexuality to show up to real-life events.

Most events put on by your local BDSM community will be posted on Fetlife, so it's a great place for newbies to find real-life events. When two kinky people meet, they add each other as friends on Fetlife to keep track of each other. This is because if you ever meet someone at a BDSM function they probably won't be willing to add you on Facebook until you're a close friend.

Once you start going to munches and parties, you can meet/find a kinky partner just like you would find a normal, vanilla partner. The only difference is that kinky people are usually pretty nerdy, so being a nerd or quirky will actually wind up increasing your odds. Also, having a mutual interest in BDSM is one hell of an ice breaker.
Wrong way to use Fetlife:

Bob Blowhard the Retired Stockbroker: "I went on Fetlife, uploaded a picture of my flaccid old man dick and immediately sent all the 25-year-old women I could find the same copy-and-paste message demanding sex because I'm such a domly dom. They all told me to fuck off. What bullshit. This website is so stupid. I'm going to go back to being perpetually ashamed of my sexuality and never, ever go to a real-life event because all kinky people (except me, of course) are secretly evil, depraved people."

Right way to use Fetlife:

Jimmy the person who has his shit together: "I've always felt so weird about being into BDSM. It's great I finally found this website that allows me to find a real-life community of people who are just like me!
by Commander Blowhard March 26, 2017
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A website where you can post any x-rated photo or video you want. However, you will see a lot of men using dick pics as their main profile picture. This website is mainly used by couples to talk blog and vlog about their sex lives.

Don't bother to post wanted ads as a man. You will be ignored. It's not a dating site. Many accounts have been abandoned for years. If you're a man, you're much more likely to be hit on by middle-aged gay man than a woman if your content is public.

The social events are generally attended by couples; the few single ladies are either old & wrinkly, or a hippopotamus with glasses and colored hair.

It's is a great place to teach other couples who are experimenting and have intellectual, nerdy conversations. You'd be surprised how intelligent some people are on there.
Avoid the feminazies if possible, unless you enjoy being scolded.
New guy on FetLife: I'm going to put a dick pick as my main profile picture hoping I'd get hot babes after me.
After one year, this lonely man has only gotten a few messages from gay men who don't bother to notice he's straight. He finds out that all the babes are already in relationships. Every event he attended was a sausage party; all the clubs charged him full admission, but let the ladies in for free.
by Felis_Catus_Lover December 20, 2021
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