The whitest white a caucasian can be. This can refer to actual skin color, manerisms or personality.

It orginates from the RGB Hexadecimal value #FFFFFF, common to most any web-page and certainly known by any web developer or graphic artist.

Most humorous when used in an email, IM, or other textual representation for full effect.
TXT A: Check out that guy with the tube-socks and sandals, and his skin so pale you can see blue veins. The sun reflecting off him actually hurts my eyes.
TXT B: OMG, that guy is so white he's FFFFFF.


"That wigger is so FFFFFF he wishes he was 000000"
by D.Vin August 29, 2006
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A phrase used by twitter gays or twitter stans, often after seeing something hilarious. They are also most likely a bottom.
Twitter user #1: *posts a picture of skinny mariah carey *

Twitter user #2: FFFFFFF
by skinkneelegend June 25, 2018
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Someone that never moves around in their sleep
Do what's happening? I'm just like is Emily a FFFFFF
by 459395 March 13, 2022
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ignore these other defintions there nooby 12 year olds who need to get laid and stop looking at computer screens and speaking in HTML code like the ones above or below this defition.

6 F's is FIT FROM FAR BUT FAR FROM FIT. Like your mums.
Eurgh I see that girl who was presumably your mum and I thought I would tap that from a distance but now she's up in my face, I can see she's a FFFFFF
by Miloflembo May 25, 2008
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Hex code for the color white
What is the hex code of the color white?
by Sebastian Herb April 10, 2021
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"White trash".
#FFFFFF is the hexidecimal HTML color code.

(Yes, I _should_ put a U in color, but I don't. Because otherwise it screws up my HTML)
Mc Router: you #FFFFFF trash!
Random person: WTF?
Nerd: Hah! I get it!
by sarah_briarmoss October 26, 2006
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randomly spaming your key borad
ffffff vghbhjvgbrgbfgyurbfveyuvgbe = of spaming key borad
by QSXDRFVGYHNJI January 31, 2021
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