"Hey,are you going to hang out with CSEN today?"

"Naw son,FEH"
by GL1TCH July 11, 2008
Fundamentals of Engineering from Hell

The Ohio State University Department of Engineering's freshman program for honors students designed for the sole purpose of inducing suicide.

While naive incoming freshman to the program are expecting a warm and enlightening staff and coursework, they are instead met with two years of curriculum smashed into one, along with staff who appear to care with their weekly journals but really never act on the feedback.

Meanwhile, the FEH freshman are beaten down like they've never been beaten before, some weeks with a different midterm every day and 3 lab reports due simultaneously.
On any given Saturday...

Hey dude you want to go with me to this open party tonight on Indianola?

Sorry man I'm in FEH... hopefully I'll be done with my homework by 2am...
by paul13243546 February 22, 2012
A yiddish word - expression of distaste or disgust, or in slang term general uninterest.
"You're starting to be a real mensch"
"I like the SA80"
"SA80! feh, you fucking moron, you wanna die with a lame weapon in your hands"
by MarineJulio April 9, 2005
Feh is a word used in many contexts. It is much like meh, but more agressive. It is used sometimes in place of meh, although this is largely inacccurate. When it is the answer to a question, it usually means "no". It is also used to calmly dismiss insults without resorting to a direct comeback (which could lead to a confrontation). Also used to dismiss orders. Sometimes (rarely) used in frustration.

Usually a lowercase word and said without much energy (except when in frustration, when it is used as an interjection).
Person 1: Come on and get to work on our report, we're going to fail!
Person 2: Feh.

Person 1: You're such a fag! Nobody likes you!
Person 2: Feh.

Person 1: Do you want to come to my sleepover?
Person 2: Feh.

Person 1: Sorry, I think I broke your PSP when I dropped it.
Person 2: FEH!
by Flameviper August 14, 2006
an expression used to denote a tone of dismissal

"Should we rent a softcore movie tonight?"

by Mitt June 28, 2003
1. a term of frustration brought to small time familiarity by Matt Groening of Simpson's fame in his earlier comic strip "Life in Hell".
Main character Binky would often use the term "Feh" in answer to slight frustration or general lack of interest in a subject.
Binky, you want to join us out for a night at TGIF?
by Bud E Love May 6, 2003
1. used to show indifference or annoyance

2. a reference to the manga series InuYasha, in which the character Inu-Yasha says "feh" quite a lot.

3. a conversation filler used when the person who says it has nothing helpful to say.
1. Bob: You're ugly!
Fred: Feh.

2. Kagome: You can't have the jewel!
InuYasha: Feh. I'll get it eventually.

3. iwantpie4: im bored lol
orangerox: me 2
iwantpie4: feh
by 4_orange_pies_for_me_plz March 31, 2009