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Stands for "Full Body Erection". When something excites you so much that it makes you stand up straight asap.
Oh shit that 360 dunk by Kobe Bryant gave me a FBE
by Imadogg September 08, 2011
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Babe-alicious Definitious:

The goddess for all babes in the known universe. She has also been fouund to be Goddess for babes in other dimensions.
Damn! that girl is as babe-alicious as FBE.
by lil demon442 May 13, 2010
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Feet behind ears: The naked position of a woman laying on her back with her feet behind her ears...
The F-B-E is a sexcellent kama sutra position where the man puts the woman's feet behind her ears, and penetrates her in the vagina and or buttocks...

Last night I gave Shaquanda the FBE...
by Hugh G Reckshen March 21, 2006
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Fire Ball Evolution. Name of a Indian organisation / community. These people are Experts in Technology. Found in 2010.
I love exploring technology maybe I should join FBE
by Shockline July 04, 2015
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Face Book Envy: a feeling of irritation and envy mixed with a tinge of FOMO that comes from looking at the posts of your friends and their cherry-picked happy moments, wishing you were just as happy or successful as they appear to be.
I stopped looking at her FB page because all those party photos give my so much FBE that I feel miserable.
by Joshua Noblestone July 31, 2016
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