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Noun: A term to describe a person who has blind faith in, and worship for Barak Obama
"Man, I got into a big round and round argument with Mike last night over Barak Obama's latest faux pas." "Don't let it get to you Ted, Mike's a Barakolyte and can't be logically reasoned with through classical means."
by Voxtorious August 19, 2008
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Conjunction between Mexican and insanity.

A condition that is commonplace in Mexican manufacturing plants. It is typicaly manifested by a disconnection between the higher order brain functions and the motor functions of the body most often the mouth which is commanded to make the most absurd and nonsensical statements about the operation of the world and all things in it.
"I just got off the phone with Octavio at Blottomex. In all my life I've never heard such a pile of mexanity before."
by Voxtorious October 20, 2006
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Noun:Used to label any particularly vocal member of "La Raza" or the Folk Nation gangs. Especially applicable to anyone espousing a separationist theology.
"Man! I was walking by the bodega and heard malcomex bad mouthing the gringos to the other gangsters. If the cops don't do something quick, there's gonna be blood."
by Voxtorious August 19, 2008
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An affliction that occurs to some women after bearing children wherein a sneeze is accompanied by urinating.
She felt a sneeze coming on and mashed down the accelerator of the car hoping to reach a restroom before she was victimized by the dreaded sneepee.
by Voxtorious October 23, 2006
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The act of shaking some total strangers hand after surreptitiously loading your hand up with scrotum sweat.
"Watch me, I'm gonna snarf that congressional candidate after the convention."
by Voxtorious October 20, 2006
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Verb. Combination Mexican and Exit.

Occurs when a Mexican National of above average intelligence finally has had enough of dealing with his co-works and he quits.
"I tried to call Humberto at Tecate company. I was surprised to find out he mexited Tecate"
by Voxtorious July 11, 2008
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Acronym: For congressmen and taxing authorities of the federal government.

Alliance of
Commandeerers of
Better make this a cash transaction otherwise the FATCATs in D.C. will take a chunk.
by Voxtorious April 8, 2009
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