I got a ford, let me guess that fucker only runs downhill
by Missy December 5, 2003
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1. Found On Road Dead
2. Fixed Or Repaired Daily
3. Fucked On Race Day
by Anonymous May 13, 2003
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1)Flipped Over Russian Dune Buggy
2)Factory Ordered Road Disaster
3)Failure Of Research & Development
There's always more F.O.R.D.'s in the junkyard than any other car
by Bill S. May 7, 2007
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Ford Only Represents Death
by Anonymous November 5, 2003
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Favorite of redneck drivers.
F.O.R.D , Hey is that Chevy over there the new truck Cletus bought? No the Ford with the smoke stacks that's on jack stands is his. Cletus loves Ford he would never buy another brand of truck. So As soon as the engine is rebuit will he will finally be able to drive it?
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