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1. A plane so fuckin' maneuverable you can fly up your own ass with it. The pride of the good ol' USAF. Can take down multiple communist aircraft without ever being noticed. Everyone in the USAF wants one.

2. The Decepticon, Starscream, from the movie Transformers. Also featured in the movie Iron Man.

3. The "New Future Weapon" featured in the song by Billy Idol.

4. What Chuck Norris would be if he was an airplane.
1. F-22 radio chatter: "Alright lets bag us some SUCK-ois!" *Fires off six AIM-120s at Russian aircraft*

2. I would pay good money to see Starscream face Iron Man.

3. *It's the dawn of a new future weapon*

4. OMFG! That's not Mobius One in the skies above us! It's Chuck Norris doing a barrel roll!
by Liberator13th September 26, 2008
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