With this eyepatch, a bottle of dewka, and maybe a ski mask I'll be able to pick up chicks or even hobags...by the dozens.

Warning: Do not wear eyepatch with brown belt...that's just tacky.
by El Barto May 12, 2004
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A declaration of approval or fondness, used to communicate ones positive perception of an item, phrase, or stye.
(Originated in Seinfeld)
(Someone sees something they like) "I like that eyepatch"
by Patty Bruce September 14, 2008
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A male can give a girl an eyepatch during sexual relations via dropping a testicle on one of her eyes and making her say arrgh!
I'll make you a pirate girl. I'll give you an eyepatch!
by manormonkey June 17, 2007
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I was aiming for her mouth but gave her an eyepatch instead.
by duncars May 15, 2008
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The wet patch left on a man's trousers if he goes to a public toilet and fails to shake well enough.

Unlike the article of clothing, this eyepatch isn't flattering.
John's eyepatch was a fashion statement that left nothing to the imagination and much to be desired.
by ~R November 21, 2004
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When you jizz in a girls eye, making it impossible for her to see out of that eye, making a patch shaped puddle of jizz.
She looked like a pirate when I gave her an eskimo eyepatch.
by Phatern24 July 10, 2010
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the quintessential hairstyle of an emo, includes hair parted to the side covering one eye.
Guy1-Dude did you hear? that emo got in a car crash.
Guy1-Musta been his emo eyepatch. cant see a dammed thing with those.
by B-rian March 17, 2006
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