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Commonly used to keep gunk out of the eyes but is also used in a sexual act where the female part grabs the males eyelids with teeth and pull. This will cause pain no matter what. There are two outcomes of this scenario, either the eyelids snap back and hit the eyes with force that causes blindness or they can sometimes be ripped off if enough force is used.
Kid 1:β€œDo you know why Jacob isn’t at school today?”
Kid 2: β€œYeah him and Kate tried eyelids last night and it didn’t go well.”
by TOTP April 12, 2019
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the cherry of a girls vagina. the eye represents the shape of a vagina and the lid represents the cherry.
Man did you see that chicks

eye lid bust open and bleed everywhere?
by XYour Real FatherX April 16, 2011
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(Noun) the two pieces of skin that cover your eye when it is closed
I like to put eyeshadow on my eyelids
by Zeenahgyhg October 01, 2018
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