Commonly used to keep gunk out of the eyes but is also used in a sexual act where the female part grabs the males eyelids with teeth and pull. This will cause pain no matter what. There are two outcomes of this scenario, either the eyelids snap back and hit the eyes with force that causes blindness or they can sometimes be ripped off if enough force is used.
Kid 1:“Do you know why Jacob isn’t at school today?”
Kid 2: “Yeah him and Kate tried eyelids last night and it didn’t go well.”
by TOTP April 12, 2019
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When you are tossing and turning in your sleep. You keep your eyes shut but the brain traffic won't stop and all those people talking in your head are inviting more people over. Pretty soon you have to take stock of the situation otherwise the cranial inventory is out of your control and your brain might explode. Eyelid Inventory is the only way to keep the situation on your level. You may not sleep but your chaos is organized.
And your pillow case is clean in the morning
After a full night on the town and ignoring her AM deadlines, Demonica crashed on her bed only to find sleep was illusive and decided to do some eyelid inventory to avert the inevitable mental trainwreck.
by Hard Living Heather February 4, 2010
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An Eyelid Assassin is an individual who has an unusual fetish of ejaculting in their companions eye for the night. Typically the Eyelid Assassin approaches his companion, and upon the first hint that sex is in the cards, he will ask his partner if he can tape their eyelids open during sex so he can see the complete ecstasy he is bringing during inter course. Once the assassin is about to orgasm, he pulls his cock out, and instead of shooting his hearty load in the mouth, turns his massive cock towards the eyes and unloads a scorching hot load, which makes them scream in pain due to the heat. Typically the results are a burnt cornea, but in rare cases leads to blindness. While the odds of you encountering this freak are about the same as you encountering a Sasquatch, you have been warned, this sick twisted son of a bitch exists, and if you are asked to tape your eyelids open, think twice.
I had an encounter with the Eyelid Assassin, and every since that day, I suffer from double vision.
by Tee Cee Deez February 21, 2019
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To rapidly blink your eyelids in a rapid fashion while listening to a musical track that you would normally "rave" to.


* Cheaper then a Lightswitch Rave
* Can be customized to the users Raving experience by changing how fast the eyelids are blinked.


* May give you a headache.
Man I just had an awesome Eyelid Rave while listening to that Tune!
by Daggaroth August 5, 2011
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A frozen eyelid is when you get cum in your eyelids and leave it there for a long period of time and it goes hard.
Donny: Ughh Yeah you might be 83 but you go like a 69 year old

Nan: Woohooo

Donny: Arghh im jizzing everywhere

Nan: Oh fuck not me eye im gonna have frozen eyelids for two weeks
by Titty_facker69 May 9, 2016
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A particularly "Withered" grey looking set of piss flaps
"That ladies fanny looks like a rhino's eyelid"!?
by Charley Bear January 30, 2009
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One of the worst ball-hockey teams in the history of the world.
by DMBHL January 22, 2004
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