The best size on ANYTHING. Bigger is better.
Extra Large is the best size imaginable. Bigger is better. If you have extra large clothing, you’re going to get a lot of attraction.
by Not a legend 27 December 2, 2019
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Shrek Extra Large is the greatest video game that will ever be made, with graphics that truly transcend this dimension. Indeed, even trillions of years from now, the graphics in video games will only be a millionth of Shrek Extra Large's true 8 Dimensional visual masterpiece.

You think that The Last of Us had a great story? Well, you are wrong, Shrek Extra Large's story is a masterful tale of loss, hope, love, and truly universal themes that transcend just humans. You think Breath of The Wild had a great open world? Wrong, Shrek Extra Large transcends just the Open World, it is an Open Multiverse, with hundreds of thousands of hours of gameplay, indeed, the world is so vast that no human could ever see it all, and yet, it all remains truly mind blowing, every square inch of it. You think Halo had great first person combat? Shrek Extra Large has what was truly thought to be impossible, fifth person combat, and it truly does feel like you are there, in this battle of infinite proportions.

Shrek Extra large is unanimously agreed to be the greatest work of art ever, and to think that it could all fit onto a Nintendo Gamecube (and original Xbox to an extent), is proof that it was not made by people, but by the universe itself, for it is the true meaning of life.
Shrek Extra Large is the true meaning of life
by Signup Man December 6, 2021
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A sex move where a man pees in a girl's (or guy's) asshole and the recipient vomits
Jared used the Extra Large Fry on me in bed. My vomit had blood in it.
by master0meme658 December 21, 2020
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The term "XL"/"Extra Large" is used to make jokes upon a person who creates/makes fake stories about their "XL(extra large) penis".(1)

The "XL"/"Extra Large" is used at any time a descriptive word in a converstaion is needed(2).

XL originated from a person who believes themself to be a higher/better human being than the rest of civilisation.
(1) "Then she went through my drawers and found an empty box of XL/Xtra Large CONDOMS, can u belive it? An EMPTY box of XL/ Extra Large CONDOMS!!!"

Person 1- These very big crisps!!
person 2- You mean, very XL/extra large crisps!!!

Person 1- Seen this poster, its XL/Extra Large!!!
by XL magic man April 7, 2009
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When a woman has an areola bigger than a human head.
When Beth Chapmans top fell down it was clear she had Extra Large Areola Disorder.
by Young Blood Chapman September 19, 2007
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I love shoveling down extra large small fry down my throat... ummm yummy.
by Nugget96 January 30, 2018
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