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Something so good, so hot, so amazing, it can only be described in two words: extra crispy
Person 1: Yo dawg that shirt you got is hella crazy!

Person 2: Fuck dat man, its extra crispy
by Vitamin V April 01, 2010
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Somebody that has a bad attitude and just seems to be upset for no reason. They are usually upset at you because they are upset and somebody else. see that bitch over there.......she was extra crispy for no reason.
by nigga nique June 26, 2006
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1)A person with a lot of melanin in their skin. 2) black as hell
Jenn: Babe, what does extra crispy mean?
Jerod (bright skinned black man): black as hell

Jenn: dies laughing-u wrong for that!
by Leannifer October 29, 2017
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Extra Crispy (adjective)- a behavior description;

(verb) - displaying over the top behavior
"Did you see how she was acting when she met Oprah? All the screaming and crying was extra crispy! Oprah couldn't even get a word in.

When Tommy saw his daughter twerking, he told her to sit down and to stop being extra crispy. She was just showing off for her friends.
by QBnDC April 13, 2018
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