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Someone who is a great person. They have a wonderful personality and make you feel loved. They like to live life to the fullest, but know their boundaries. They're very artistic and intellectual. Their taste in music is "different." They are beautiful inside and out. You can get lost in their eyes and sweet hugs and kisses. They make a great partner. They're sweet, kind, cute, loyal, and AMAZING.
I love Jerod.
Jerod is amazing.
The best boyfriend out there is Jerod.
Jerod is the coolest person I know.
by clogger91 January 17, 2011
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An incubus in modern times, or an attractor of women and men. jerods tend to come off abrasive and cocky, and seem slow at times because they dont know how to interperet their words correctly to their mates or peers. The common trend in a jerod is a douche quaulity tat comes across strong.
that guys hot but he looks like a total jerod
Dude, check out the jerod flirting with the junior.
Hey that guys a real jerk, I know he a jerod and all but geez!
by anonymousT-rex October 14, 2011
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