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An act of finishing sexual intercourse. As the man reaches his climax, he sneezes in his partner's face.

A sneeze is said to be the equivalent of 10% of an orgasm.

The orgasm plus the sneeze is 110% of a climax, thus, extra credit.
Dude: I'm about to... ah... ah... aaahchoooo!

Ho: What the fuck was that?!?!?!?!?

Dude: Extra Credit!
by Sexer-Upper June 14, 2008
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the work in school that only the nerds and those who are failing, end up doing.
Nerd: Hello gentlemen are you going to do the extra cr-
Guy: -Holy crap shut the fuck up. The answer is no im not a nerd. I dont do extra credit
by SWpride September 29, 2011
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when ur HOT ass teacher wants u 2 stay after skool so she can fuck u
2 days ago mrs.rydalch was wearing skin tight jeans, a thong, and a lil t-shirt dat had her boobs poppin out, and she tol me 2 stay afta skool 4 sum "extra credit"
by pimp daddy dollars November 06, 2004
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Something that can be used against you in determining your grade.
I said these questions are extra credit, but what I mean is: do them or I will count off of your grade.
by joe schmoe April 28, 2004
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When someone is accused of granting sexual favors for a teacher in order to get a good grade.
Math teacher: Correna, could you stay after class for a while? We need to discuss your grade.

Sean: Extra credit!
by george spinkelberg April 22, 2008
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