Something that actually costs somebody something, whether it be money, or something they love or hold sacred.
Roberta Ford always made herself look put upon (even sub serviant to others) , but what she said was done at her expense, never really costed her anything, she always escaped from having any real expense to herself in life.
by The Original Agahnim August 22, 2021
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A girl or guy (generally good looking or with swagg) with class and self respect, someone of value
Damn that chick is looking expensive, i wanna get at her
by qtpieG September 22, 2010
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The expensivity of the weapons in zombie lane, is much too high.
by BusterDivision April 22, 2011
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something that are able to add to your expense report is classified as Expensable.
Hey, i wonder if this dinner is expensable?
by TheGreenPolice September 9, 2010
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Something that takes a lot out of you. (Monetarily, physically, or mentally!)
1. Monetarily:
Shit those shoes are expensive!

2. Physically:
That fuckin run this morning was expensive.

3. Mentally:
Damn that fuckin' test was expensive!
by mark_torry69 February 25, 2005
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Idk lol.

Basically is "yes but actually no" for describing the price or value of something.

Basically a big brain form of sarcasm.
Person 1: Wow that shirt you're wearing looks pricey.
Person 2: Yeah totally! It's - expensive.

"That outfit is tacky, it just screams - expensive!"
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