When the principal decides you will be suspended from the school for... various reasons. Then thinks long and hard about it and says, "Ya know, I'm gonna expel him/her too."
"He got expended from school for choking a person until his face turned purple."

"One of these days, Erica needs to get expended. Because she's the root of all this drama."
by Katie Marie Bell October 15, 2011
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Old-school way of saying "expenses"
OHNOES! gotta close these Expendibles accounts
by xtreme2252 June 15, 2009
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It's like when you're invited to a party, and you don't show up and it doesn't really matter.
Vietnamese Guide: What mean expendable?
John Rambo: It's like when you're invited to a party, and you don't show up and it doesn't really matter.
by Der Uberspieler September 27, 2006
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A film that has so much kickassery and so many explosions, you barely know whats going on nor care about the story line. All you know apon leaving the cinema is that you just watched something truely awesome and that you now need a gym membership... and a knife... and a tattoo. i vaguely remember there being Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crew and basically every other action man you can imagine... and some wrestlers.
'hey man you seen The Expendables?'

'yeah man that shits awesome, why do you think im in the gym?
by Dick Tricklers December 14, 2010
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Geoff Weers, Adam Patterson, Raul Bianchi, and Ryan DeMars.
4 extremely hot guys that play awesome music. From Santa Cruz, CA.
Listen to The Expendables... because they fucken rock!
Visit: www.theexpendables.net
Geoff Weers is hot, and he is from The Expendables.
by Sarah April 26, 2005
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capable of being sacrificed in order to accomplish a military objective.
in the event of war every enlisted personnel in the military is expendable.
by jbmeira May 18, 2010
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A cross between expulsion and suspension from the US education system. A higher degree of suspel.
james go up to the principals office, I won't be surprised if you're expended.
by chinmokuchibi February 13, 2005
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