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A person who possesses a great amount of courage.

# Frank Gifford, American athlete and sports commentator
# Hugh de Giffard, 12th century Scottish baron
# Josh Gifford, English Jockey
# Png Gifford,President
# Kathie Lee Gifford, television host and singer; wife of Frank Gifford
# Maurice Gifford, son of 2nd Baron Gifford, British Army Officer
# Png Gifford,President
That's Gifford of you to rescue the cat from the tree!

I did an act of Gifford today.

by HappyFeet3573 March 22, 2009
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Giffords is a cob word for breasts used in the county of Kent, United Kingdom.

(Cob is the Kentish regional language)
That Canterbury bird's got a lovely set of giffords, Gillat.
by Jacques-Alain January 23, 2013
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One whose personal qualities are deficient or inadequate, if you will - a word used to describe something or someone that is really bad or just generally shit. Wholly disappointing.
"hello mate, how was the event you attended last night"
"it was a hoot, I made several new acquaintances'

"Oh, coolio - did you meet my cousin Bernard?"
"As a matter of fact I did"
"what did you make of him?"
"Well to be honest he was a bit of a GIFFORD"

"What did you get for Christmas buddy?"
"A pet Corn Snake"
"Brill, are you pleased with it?"
"No, its a bit shit to be honest, in fact I would go as far to say that my parents have got me a real GIFFORD"

"How was your school report?"
"A let down mate - straight up GIFFORD"
by CornSnake December 29, 2011
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An optimist. Someone who perseveres through hard times and is able to find positivity.
Yo, dude! Jimmy totally pulled a Gifford. He's able to find a ray of sunshine in every shitty situation!
by Craig Difford December 02, 2016
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When someones drinks alcohol to the point that they can no longer speak so others can understand them.
I went to the bar the other night & there was a guy there that was so gifford. I couldn't believe they were still serving him.
by BR549 alpha bravo December 10, 2010
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A person who manually masterbates dogs
Ron "steve why is that man wanking that dog off ?"
Steve"oh its ok ron he's a gifford"
by stewartlubbock November 10, 2011
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