1. Freedom from an obligation: Permission or entitlement not to do something that others are obliged to do.

2. Exempt person or thing: Somebody who or something that is exempt, e.g. income that is not taxed.

1. An exemption from jury duty.
2. A range of tax exemptions.
by Jafje April 3, 2007
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Free and clear of all that Sh*t
Not having to participate
"Did you hear about the beef between John and his homies? I'm exempt!
by mogomo April 28, 2018
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When you don't show up to take a midterm or final without prior permission, usually resulting in a getting a zero for that exam.
Ned - Dude, what'd you get on the chemistry final?

Ed - A zero.

Ned - What?!

Ed - Yeah, I didn't feel like taking it, so I self-exempted it.
by Dodecagon October 21, 2013
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(Adjective) Phrase used by social workers to describe a person who is is deficit or has an abnormality in their physical or mental capabilities, lacks acceptable social skills, or is incorrigible to the core. Such persons are incapable of getting, having or keeping a steady job of any kind.
Nikki went to the unemployment office today and got some bad news. He got told he was 'work exempt' which is a nice way of phrasing that he can't get or keep a job.
by Nikki Stixx November 30, 2020
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You knew who/what I was when you added me on Facebook there for you have no right to get mad/offended by something that I say or do.
Guy 1: Dude I can't believe you said that
Redeagle: You knew I said stuff like that when you added me
Guy 1: I guess you are right, you using the Redeagle exemption.
by Mikehoncho December 4, 2013
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To be so ugly and undesirable that even the prison population wouldn't engage you in sodomy.
Dude is so ugly he gets a shawshank exemption.
by amra July 10, 2006
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When an aspiring musician or artist is given an exemption from having a nice car or apartment during a courtship of a girl.
"Kelly your new friend is kind of a loser!" It's ok he is releasing a mixtape pretty soon so he gets an artist's exemption.
by Drama21 February 19, 2012
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