A teenager who spends a few months up to a year in a different country experiencing a new culture, living with a new family, and going to a new school. Exchange students will make you question how and why you do things. If you are really lucky, they will bring you candy and other goodies from their home country.
Who is the new girl in chemistry who has an accent?

Oh, she is the new Italian exchange student.
by smartypants222 February 15, 2012
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a person that comes to stay with you for a specified amount of time, from another country, and helps you learn their language. usually.
Dude 1: Man who are those people? I cant understand a word they're saying

Dude 2: You're so dumb, they're obviously exchange students!
by mlia425 October 10, 2009
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Defined as a type of foreign exchange students that are extremely attractive, male or female; and their trademark is blonde hair with blue eyes. They come with rocking bodies, and it is said that pure viking blood run through their veins. They appear around high schools spread across the US, and they can be seen surrounded by curious Americans that act as if Norway (frequently called Norwegia) is a magical fantasy kingdom, due to their lack of skills in geopgraphy. The Norwegian exchange students are also frequently asked if they speak norwegish/norwayan/norwayish/or german, and they are often surrounded by less intelligent Americans who believe that the Norwegian exchange students ride their polar bears and/or reindeers to school and live off of hunting wild animals and sleeping in wooden huts.
Jack: dude holy s*** wtf what was that, what just passed us?!? it was f***** beautiful,could it be a f***** unicorn, man?!!

Bob: naah bro naah that was just one of those Norwegian exchange students
by Pete wentzen March 20, 2011
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Most awesome person you will ever meet.
Exchange students willingly decide to get off their asses, leave their home country, and go see the world. For that reason, they should be given a helluva lot of credit.
Usually, a foreign exchange student will have a funny accent and not speak your language very well. This is all the more reason to hang out with them, because everything will suddenly become that much more hilarious. Also, they are generally young people, and have the tendency to be extremely good looking.
In conclusion, mad props to all exchange students out there
Damn, look at that hot new foreign exchange student! I can't understand a word they're saying, but they sure seem pretty freaking awesome.
by thatforeigngirl December 27, 2011
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A foreign student of any high school or college who frequently dresses in only high-profile brands such as Armani Exchange, Gucci, True Religion, or Louis Vuitton. This often accompanies over-gelled hair reminicent of a guido or chent. Nobody knows how they can afford such pricey clothes.
Don: Dude, Ji Suk always rocks the flashiest clothes, like 24/7.

Pat: I know broski, he's a total Armani Exchange Student!
by BesidesIllegal October 29, 2010
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Probably either the coolest or weirdest person you will ever meet.

German exchange students usually love to party, drink beer, and have a good time.

They probably have blond hair, blue eyes, and chubby faces from all the alcohol they consume.

They also will probably believe that their country is better than yours and will defend it to the very end:
German Exchange Student: Schools are so easy in America.

American kid: Why?

German Exchange Student: {launches into an essay about the three different types of school, the classes, teachers, diploma-like think you have to get to graduate, lack of extra credit, and lack of A's or A+'s in Germany. Basically ripping apart the American kid's school system, while claiming that the German school system is better}

American kid: I'm going to become an exchange student in Germany.

German Exchange Student: Good for you.
by friendofagerman June 13, 2012
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