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When you are horny, and someone near you is only making it worse, often on purpose, with no chance of imminent release.
I was driving with a girl, with half a stock already, and she continued to exasturbate the situation by talking about her boobs.
by Lord_Setesh October 01, 2007
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(v.) A form of masturbation that undoubtedly causes a negative impact on an already terrible scenario.

Root words:

masturbate, exacerbate
During Fred's father's funeral, his mother caught him exasturbating during the funeral reception.

Daniel exasturbated the situation with his girlfriend when she caught him touching himself to Disney pr0nz.
by sol sixxa May 22, 2010
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When one's longstanding and upsetting non-sex life is addressed through masturbation, which, instead of offering relief or escape, exacerbates the situation, by reminding the person he/she is all he he/she has and likely will ever have.
After the supermodel party had ended, Hamish, as always, returning home alone, took matters into his own hand, as always. The production said and done -- looking around at his filth-nest of an apartment, the mountain of unwashed laundry, the tatty Led Zeppelin posters and the soiled sheets -- it provided no relief, proving only to exasturbate the awful finality, the unending and grave awareness of his apparent lot in life.
by McChampers October 20, 2011
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1. verb. The act of masturbating when the penis is already sore, usually brought on by a masturbation binge. Continuing to masturbate only exacerbates the pain, hence to exasturbate. Not to be confused with exhausturbate.

2. verb. To make a situation worse by indulging in one's own pleasures.
Guy 1: "I'm so depressed after my recent rejection, I've been masturbating for 2 days straight."
Guy 2: "I know it's hard, but you don't want to exasturbate the problem. Put yourself out there and see what happens."

John only exasturbated the situation when he selfishly ate the last of the group's survival food.
by thewise June 11, 2013
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