A form of evanescence(also the name of a kick ass band), evanescent means to have a tendancy to dissapear or vanish like vapor.
by angetombenoir April 28, 2006
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A duo music project from New York City with sensuous guitar and erotic lyrics, featuring Al Street of the Sugarman Three on guitar and Bliss Blood of the Pain Teens on ukulele and vocals. Bliss also writes the lyrics.
"When the doors are flung open in the heat of the vice,
then smiling, so willing, I swallow the dice." -- Evanescent
by Evanescent December 18, 2010
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Luke Bracey's Fantasy Football lead is so Evanescent #bottler #blownit
by Athletico Mabbo April 22, 2013
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1) To disappear or vanish into a mist.
2) 00's rock band from Little Rock, America. Songs include Bring Me To Life and Everbody's Fool. Sometimes called Christian Rock because they are Christians; only one song on Fallen, Torniquet, mentions God or Christ.
2) Did you hear the new Evanescence song?
by jazzpup February 4, 2005
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An amazing and amazingly underrated band. Sure, you probably know Bring Me to Life and My Immortal because of memes. But seriously, they have way better songs than that. If you already liked those two songs, you will love the rest of their music. Really, you won't regret it. At least check them out. Expand your music taste.
Person of non-specific gender #1: hey dude, what are you listening to?
Person of non-specific gender #2: Evanescence!
Person of non-specific gender #1: didn't they make that song Bring Me to Life or something?
Person of non-specific gender #2: Yeah, but they have better stuff. Listen to them.
by someoutcastloser September 8, 2018
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in actuallity it means: to dissipate or disappear like vapor
life is in a constant state of evanescence.
by frankie March 26, 2005
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An amazing rock band from Arkansas, USA. They released songs such as Bring Me To Life, Going Under, Everybody's Fool and My Immortal, although their older work and demos, in my opinion is better.

They are NOT fake, unlike some other bands ;)
by 9045 July 23, 2004
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