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one of the best genre's around. raw music with really good guitaring and drums. the singing isnt crying, kk?
(alphabetical order) 1905, a day's refrain, alcatraz, the assistant, amanda woodward, arsen aka konig der monster, the assistant, the book of dead names, bucket full of teeth, circle takes the square, city of caterpillar, constatine sankathi, cowboys become folk heroes, dear diary i seem to be dead, dodewaard, envy, the fiction, flowers in the attic, the flying worker, forcefedglass, hassan i sabbah, hot cross, ivich, jasemine, jeromes dream, joshua fit for battle, jr ewing, jude the obscure, ken mode, the kodan armada, kulara, leidan, love like ...electrocution, love lost but not forgotten, mara'akate, memory as perfection, neil perry, newborn, on the might of princes, orchid, the people listening wonder, pg.99, phoenix bodies, the pine, the red scare, the saddest landscape, saetia, scent of human history, science of yabra, seven days of samsara, shikari (maybe?), song of zarathustra, takaru, tasharah, thema 11, thursday, toru okada, usurp synapse, vincent price's orphan powered death machine, yaphet kotto, you and i, zann, zegota
by frankie February 19, 2005
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a place for people to freely express opinion withouy feeling judged or bullied for their views
'without inspiration you are nothing' - the original puckish motto
by frankie March 05, 2005
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a somewhat awkward sexual position that allows for just enough leverage and control to still hit it and bust a nut
i hit that shyt in every position u can think of, yo... i even had her on the stairs- shyt was kinda crazy, but still manageable.
by frankie October 15, 2003
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"Litany needs to shut the ---- up."

Most likely epitomized by Litany Webb, of Blogger infamy.
by frankie February 26, 2005
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said when something funny was said or had occured. only cool people say it.
x: What's a bro?
y: lolerz
by frankie December 02, 2003
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A newbie gang on an online game "Graal" on a server called Era. There newbs and they hide in there mexican tacos :D
The Los Carteles buttsecked the panties.
by frankie May 27, 2004
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