That moment when you 1v1 someone in Blox fruits and you know you are about to lose
Ah shit bro, I'm on 2000 health. I'm going under
by Joemama10001 December 2, 2021
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"Jose, I'm so nervious about your brain condition, I think you'll have to go under the knife."
by Ross March 29, 2005
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When a boy wants to date girls at least 2 or 3 years younger, usually occurs in high school
Justin is going under for a freshman in band.
by bandgeek11 May 30, 2009
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1) Sucking Thor's hammer;
2) Teabagging Thor;
3) Pegging Thor;
4) Masturbating while thinking of Thor;
5) Taking ten days off in Australia.
Last night I told Lior that he is lucky I met him before Thor. I told him that I would be in Australia right now going down under.
by Puntmuffer October 28, 2017
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commonly used when its raining and someones getting on your nerves you tell them go stand under a tree
BOB-(being annoying)

CHRIS-hey dude why dont you just go stand under a tree
by YOU DONT KNOW ME:) March 26, 2010
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A duck under go behind is when your at a party and you disappear. Your long gone before anyone misses you. Sneaking out of the House and easing back in where not to be caught. Its Telling everyone your leaving to go buy beer and you wind up at a different party. Its a duck under go Behind! LOL When you have a work day at the house with beer and that one person shows up and drinks a few beers and leaves the work to everyone else.
She asked me for a ride to the next party and I did a duck under go behind. Her drunk ass wasn't going with me anywhere!
by EdgeMyLiving April 2, 2018
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