Euclides is a smart, respectful, sexy, stunning, outgoing, fun, he also has a big penis, there's just so many good ways to describe Euclides. The name Euclides originated from the Greek Mathematician "Euclid" who came up with Euclidean Geometry, the basics of Geometry. He is a very charming man, known to get all the ladies, but once he finds the right woman to settle down with, she will capture his heart and be hers to keep forever.
"Yo', Euclides is the man."
by unknownandabove January 7, 2013
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Euclide is a manly man that uses his godly appearance and charm to seduce the sexiest big boobed blonde ladies. He enjoys long walks on the beaches and taking care of his family, friends, and co-workers. Euclide may look like he is a badass that cannot be broken hearted but secretly, he is a gentle hearted man who is a sucker for love. He's pretty much a beast.
Damn did you see that guy working at PacSun today? His name must of been Euclide cause he was picking up all those big boobed blondes!
by BHayes May 29, 2012
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The meaning of Euclid for the S.C.P. Foundation or Secure Contain Protect. Euclid is one of the levels of contained hazard to society.
An Euclid Class contagion has escaped containment. All necessary resources are to be deployed until the Euclid contagion has been contained.
by Jst1man October 31, 2020
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Middle Class Suburb of Cleveland that is located next to Lake Erie. Their city council was sued by the government for being racist in 2008. It is known for its large increase in Black people over the last 10 years. Because of this both the white and black populations believe they live in the ghetto when they actually don't.
In Euclid residents spend money not on homes or their community but on clothes, gadgets, and cars. Everyone in the city wants to move out. Also victim of the "White Flight"
Lastly, Euclid is home to lots of lesbians,increasing amount of gays, bars, and catholics.

Ted: Hey, I'm looking for a good time this weekend. I'm kinda looking for a city that has lots of bars, a place where i have a slight chance of gettin' shot, and lots of lesbians. Where should I go?

Tashaqwan: Shiiiit, just head on down to Euclid.
by johnnyspamface April 20, 2009
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Classification of an SCP of the SCP foundation. It usually means the SCP is not well understood and/or permanent containement is not possible, this does not mean said SCP is harmful.
"SCP-173 is an Euclid class SCP. It is a concrete, rebar sculpture that moves when not looking at it. When it gets close to a human or otherwise living creature, SCP-173 will snap it's neck and kill it, or attempt to. It is dangerous and hostile, and can move through vents, but can be contained fairly easily by putting it in a containment chamber, although Containment Breaches involving it have happened before."
by JohnLS November 21, 2018
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1. The name of the Greek guy who formally began the study of geometry.
2. The name of a street in almost every city in the U.S., for unknown reasons.
1. Euclid must have had a shitload of time on his hands.
2. Yo meet me at the corner of Oak and Euclid.
by miss B-izzy August 16, 2006
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The erogenous zone located on the inner elbow. Often a highly sensitive area, and one best touched by surprise... perhaps in a crude, rubbing motion.
Deborah 1: Heeey, how's it going? (asks casually, while carefully reaching hand up to inappropriately touch friends inner elbow)

Deborah 2: (jumps out of chair) Whoa!! That's my euclid! Oh wait, don't stop!
by DeborahDeborah February 6, 2010
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