Captures the essence of "being up for something" in a single word.

Can also mean excited or a fan of.
Are you erst to come to my place and play some hoops?

I'm too erst for the Giants, they're too good!

I'm erst that Marc finally got the job done and slept with Tara. Good for him.
by DasUber January 21, 2013
a sweet beast, esp. a football player;

originates from Garrison Hearst
You are such an Erst; I sweat you so badly.
by Annan E. Muss December 11, 2004
An unsuccessful pedophile. One who attempts to coarce children but fails miserably.
"Geez did you see that weird old man talking to little Timmy? Yeah he's a total Erste!"
by GoodSamaritan June 10, 2009
Better then awesome, awesome-er.
There is nothing better then the awesome-erst.
It is higher then infinity plus 1.
Andrew: 'im awesome'
Carly: 'yeah well im awesome-er'
Andrew: 'thats not even a word'
Carly: 'oh yeah well im the awesome-erst'
Andrew: ' daymn gurlll you are the awesome-erst. i looe, im going to let my koala ears blow in the breeze'
by koalala October 19, 2011