A kid with anger problems and always wants to kill Titans.
by Gabbygabsthatdabs August 7, 2017
An annoying twat who can't even clean a room properly.
"Dammit Eren, clean it again."
by Levi Ackerman September 8, 2014
A boy with an incredible determination, a big heart that nobody deserves. If you know someone protect him all costs. He has the most beautiful eyes in the whole world, he is a sensitive being, do not hurt him.
by Scarlett 019 July 19, 2018
Titan freak, who keeps getting angry, AnD tElLs PeOpLe OfF iF tHeY dOnT cLeAn PrOpErLy
Eren is a brat
Eren must keel ze titans
by Jean Kirshtein DuDe August 10, 2018
A common male name. Eren is a very pretty boy with brown eyes and a great smile. He has a great heart and is always smiling. Eren can light up a room with his energy. A great friend you are lucky to have. His friend are crazy but are so lovable. If Eren ever seen someone hurt he‘ll always try to cheer them up! He loves food too.
Look at Eren he looks so beautiful!
by zzzzzzdddddy July 2, 2019
A boy whose heart is made of gold. Funny, amazing sense of humour and is always careful with your feelings. They respect you, and are genuinely amazing. You can always find yourself having an amazing conversation with an Eren too. If you find an Eren, trEaSurE ThEm ForEveR.
Eren is so wang
by YourMumInitBruv May 22, 2020