a dreamy prince who is a freak at everything, and has a special ability to burn things
omg that eren.. aced the 4 unit maths test!!!
by hasamirror May 27, 2009
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Titan freak, who keeps getting angry, AnD tElLs PeOpLe OfF iF tHeY dOnT cLeAn PrOpErLy
Eren is a brat
Eren must keel ze titans
by Jean Kirshtein DuDe August 09, 2018
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A fun-loving, charasmatic individual. She can light up a room with her energy. She can find beauty in everything. A pensive character that can be over analytical. A great friend you're lucky to have. Her peers admire her free spirit, creativity and orginality. She lives in love, but can let her emotions run her life. A trend-setter, leader, lover and above all true to herself.
Girl: It's always fun when Eren is around.

fun love emotion true energy friend
by freepe0ple February 05, 2010
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