eren jaeger/yeager or however ya wanna say it is an extremely attractive guy who is a great mc also has anger issues as well as a saviour for world hunger. he also singlehandedly broke the world record for hottest titan (source-trust me))But actually do)
Person 1- " Ya know that crazy mc in that titan anime?"

Person 2- "Oh yea, I think his name was.., Eren
by w.h7 February 10, 2021
Eren is a common Turkish name, Originated in Turkey. It means Saint or a Holy man.
Hey Eren get ur ass down here!
by ölü Memo September 18, 2020
Eren has a throbbing gigantic cock that makes every girls vagina tingle and wet OOOOH needed Eren is the ideal fucker and every man that meets him turns their dick to a vagina
by Grannyspanties March 12, 2019
Sleeping in for multiple hours with no ordinary sleep schedule.
Defines naps as 7 hours of sleep.
I just did an Eren and slept like a log
by KathPanda May 20, 2019
a shy man, honest, man. Mysterious, most people are uneasy when they first meet him until they get to know him but he has a good heart. He also is very sexy and fucks really good. He has high energy and his personality bounces around from extreme depression to insane charisma. Do not be envious or show jealousy for him, for he will feel bad for making you feel bad about your self.
woman : did you see eren? He's so weird omg
Woman 2: he's really hot. We should go try to talk to him, he's just shy
Woman: oh yeah your right lol
by XXxSTacyxoxoxo December 26, 2020
Big daddy Eren who don’t give a shit about folding some bitches. Homie doing it for his Eldians. And I know you guys wanna get railed by him don’t even lie to me.
Eren, step on me.
by WhoreForErenYeagar January 16, 2021
A sexy scaper who'll demolish anyone named Paige.
Did you see how Eren turned on that chick so much? Yea i want him!
by DatEren January 7, 2012