This subspecies of human beings called Eren is often also referred to as a Ehrenmann. It eats döner at least five times a week, plays on its PC, gets good grades because it has got hyperthymesia and can literally recall entire lessons word for word what the teacher has said, and instead of buying products when walking into a store, it has the tendency of just buying the store altogether at whim. These may just be the strangest properties ever to be present within a human being--sadly a perfectly accurate form of such doesn't exist yet (luckily).
Aw fuck. My rent just got raised again, Eren bought 30% of all new available real estate in Frankfurt just raise property prices for fun and make their availability more scarce than it already is.

I just saw this silver Audi A8 on the way to work with cash streaming out of the wheel rims, was that Eren passing by again?

Have you ever wanted a massive 3 story villa mansion with a roof made out of cardboard? Here I'll give you Eren's number, his the right property developer to contact for this one.
by The legitimate definer August 12, 2019
A girl who thinks her jokes are funny to everyone.
Once she starts laughing she can barely stop.
She gets mad at everything.
"Eren is a fun and amazing person to be around with"
by Sarah T.H June 3, 2020
Eats chicken nuggets , kicks/throws the makka pakka toy into the wardrobe and is a crazy bitch lol
Lol , your being such an eren right now
by Nugslol May 31, 2020
an absolute fuck that does not know how to stop screaming like a man baby
looks like a shoe lack as well
oh, how strange there is a moving shoe lack!
no John that's an Eren
by 単に December 9, 2019
A lovely girl with a bit of a bookish attitude.

Has a fond taste of Oreos.

(づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ
#1: Omg she is such an Eren.
#2: Yeah, so lovely!
by JazzyApple May 24, 2021
Sexiest Person in the world has a big dick

Always the best Girls he is a fucking motherfucker
Whats your Name?
Oh shit you are sexy lets fuck
by Hbcbknx September 3, 2019
idk how to use eren in a sentence oh shit I just did nvm
by SuperSamboy May 30, 2020