Epps is a word in boston known to describe how many times you have shot at someone/ your opps
Person 1: Yo niggas jus got 2 epps yesterday night.
Person 2: Say on dead dawgz. I got one epp on me rn.
by BOSTON SLANGG May 5, 2022
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The best last name any person can have. Not very common. People with this last name are fun to be around. Famous name.
You know Mike Epps?
Of course i know Mike Epps, he's famous.
You cant forget a last name like Epps
by Tasinah April 15, 2009
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Stands for Embarrassing Parent Police. They are called when parents do something that you wouldn't want your friends to see or hear about.
Susan: "OMG, your mom is doing the chicken dance!!"
Carol: "I know, I'm about the call the EPP to save my reputation!!"
by SBdefiner August 6, 2010
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(Most likely a weirdo).
Aarons and Dohnovans are attracted to her!
Not her friend Gabby.
eppe is so cute-Aaron
eppe is so hot-Dohnovan
by .. June 10, 2020
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Stands for extremly pathetic person

could be pronounced Epp or E-P-P

usualy called to another person

Epp being adjective E-P-P being verb
Person 1: wow look at jeff. Did you see what he did?

Person 2: I know he's such an Epp

person 1: jeff just fell did you see that ?

Person 2: I know he just E-P-Ped all over the place
by Thatguyyouoweicecreamto May 18, 2010
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a very very very offensive word, do NOT say this word ever
You epp
by gamsbfiendjd October 21, 2019
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Parachute by shwayze

Love is a drug
Sex is obliged
She was sexin all over me
Like what?
She said she like it slow
So I sped it up
To switch it up
When I hit it up
The sweat was drippin
Her dog was trippin
While the Chihuahua was barkin and bitchin
Scratchin and itchin
Bathroom and kitchen
Im a specialist
In all positions
In love with your body
Like a vegan loves vegetables
by CKiDDD June 23, 2009
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