Originally set to be the tenth planet from the Sun, Eris's discovery in 2003 led to the ousting of Pluto. Eris (EE-ris) is named after the Greek Goddess of discord and strife, who started a dispute that led to the Trojan war because she was not invited to a wedding. Eris is now the 3rd dwarf planet from the Sun. Three times as far outside Pluto and slightly larger, Eris also has a moon, Dysnomia.
1. Eris was named 2003 UB313 until its classification.
2. Eris was named so because its discovery caused much strife and discord.
by gnase October 5, 2006
A goddess, presides over Discord and Chaos. Greek mythos.
"Eris must be responsible for this!"
by Blazewolf August 11, 2006
The most attractive , beautiful girl you'll ever meet . She's bubbly n bright and everyone wants to be around her . She passes everything with a great ease as she's very smart . You could give her all the compliments in the world but she still wouldn't believe you .
by Ezz1 April 11, 2015
Some sexy bitch who has no self confidence however she is the most beautiful girl ever. She's funny and clever.

If she was your girlfriend everyone would be jealous
by bornforthis June 21, 2010
A beautiful and inspiring boy . If you come across an Eris in your life , make sure you treasure him with your whole heart . He’s a friend everyone loves , a best friend everyone could beg to have and boyfriend that any girl is EXTREMELY lucky to have . Nobody deserves Eris, he’s way too good for this world. However if you mistreat him you may not experience the true happiness that Eris once gave you ever again .
Person 1: hey I met a guy called Eris today
Person 2: good , never lose him ever.
by Ywrshadow November 11, 2019
"Man Eris sure ISNT a doo doo head, am I right", "You sure are".
by Salad man eats toes November 12, 2019
Eris is usually the shy boy who doesnt talk much until you get to know him and when... when he gets to know you he is the usually the class clown that can make anyone joke .. boys called Eris usually have sexy blue eyes and sometimes really stupid and annoying
Girl2: IKR
by HIPPYzBLIPPY April 22, 2019