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Originally set to be the tenth planet from the Sun, Eris's discovery in 2003 led to the ousting of Pluto. Eris (EE-ris) is named after the Greek Goddess of discord and strife, who started a dispute that led to the Trojan war because she was not invited to a wedding. Eris is now the 3rd dwarf planet from the Sun. Three times as far outside Pluto and slightly larger, Eris also has a moon, Dysnomia.
1. Eris was named 2003 UB313 until its classification.
2. Eris was named so because its discovery caused much strife and discord.
by gnase October 04, 2006
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The most attractive , beautiful girl you'll ever meet . She's bubbly n bright and everyone wants to be around her . She passes everything with a great ease as she's very smart . You could give her all the compliments in the world but she still wouldn't believe you .
by Ezz1 April 11, 2015
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Some sexy bitch who has no self confidence however she is the most beautiful girl ever. She's funny and clever.

If she was your girlfriend everyone would be jealous
by bornforthis June 21, 2010
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Over achieving girl that tries extra hard in school. Very sweet and kind. An Eri is someone who everyone likes being around. She is gorgeous but won't admit it. Makes friends in an instant. Also very innocent too.
man eri is just amazing
by coo1beansman April 27, 2011
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The most artistic person in the world eves. They have the best grades and finish most things with great ease. Not only do they pass in school easly but once you get to know them they will be your best friend forever. But never forget to give them fresh water and feed them or they may hurt you.
I wish I had an eri. Wow they are such an eri
by ehFgkjesf October 08, 2009
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A really smart being who enjoys drawing in spare time. Eris are often addicted to FanFiction.Net, and are really good at giving advice. They are never snobby, and a great friend for life. So go find yourself an Eri today, before they're out of stock!
I just got my new Eri. It's trifles awesome!
by erinoh2010 May 17, 2010
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