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NOT a term for anything sexual. A male name that means 'white' in Hebrew.

Also the name of someone in the bible.
Hello, my name is Laban Jacobson.
by Nomad-Putin December 29, 2011

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Not a good word. Definately does NOT mean blessing.

Enyo is similar to the goddess Eris (strife). Her name means WAR in Greek. She is often depicted with the god Ares, who's name also means war, along with Deimos (dread) and Phobos (panic).

Trust this sorce, I'm a mythology NERD!!!
I'm going to name this child Enyo, because one day she will destroy the world.
by Nomad-Putin December 29, 2011

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A half human half animal from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. There are many different types. They can transform into their tribe animal, and only fight when in that form. There are beast laguz, bird laguz, and dragon laguz. Types of beast laguz include wolves, cats, tigers, and lions. Bird laguz include the hawks, ravens (or crows, used as an insult) and the rare heron laguz. Dragon laguz are classified by color, the black ones being of noble blood.

Deragatory terms for them are sub-humans, beasts, or half-breeds.

'Laguz' is also a type of rune, representing the letter "L"
Lily: Hey, I was playing Fire Emblem on my Game Cube, and I love the laguz! They kick ass!

Tom: Yeah, I like the tigers. They're really powerful.
by Nomad-Putin December 29, 2011

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A dog (usually a small breed) that was owned by an old lady and was spoiled because she treated it like a baby. Old lady dogs tend to be very demanding of your attention, and will jump into your lap whenever you sit down. Quite often they hate males, but love females. Can be very sweet if broken of 'granchild-like' expectations. Do not get along well with other animals, and become jealous very easily. May be accustomed to riding in a stroller and being dressed up in cute outfits. They like to bounce and prance around like bunnies in order to get attention. Also, they'll intentionally shake to get your attention.
When my mother brought home another dog, I was surprised to find that he had been an old lady dog.
by Nomad-Putin December 29, 2011

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