The greatest Roblox FPS game created by Cishshato on April 14, 2017. You play as a freelancer who is hired to Halcyon, but later on get defected to Phoenix. There are several cutscenes and missions, sometimes called "contracts". It all was inspired by classics like Metal Gear Solid, Hitman, Payday 2, and Rainbow 6 Siege.
Josh: ayo i just finished entry point
Ayano: how was it
Josh: jackdaw killed the director with rose's raven, and i cried for 20 minutes straight
Ayano: Get out of my goddamn house.
by SUSSY OCTOLING August 03, 2021
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¹Entry Point is a multiplayer stealth based FPS game developed and published within the Roblox Platform by Cishshato, released in 2018, receiving updates ever since. There are 15 missions available (6 of which being extra content not important to the main storyline locked behind the game passes "The Night Heists" and "The Freelance Heists") that tell a story about a war between two criminal organizations, and the role of "The Freelancer", the player, in said war.

²The point from which you enter.
Entry Point is the best quality roblox game I've ever played.

That door is our Entry Point.
by Fanboy1107 August 16, 2021
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A shitty-ass Roblox game that took to fucking long to finish, It was created back in 2017 and fucking finished the entire story in (Early 2020) And early ass 2021 for a fucking DLC
Entry Point is the most boring game after 4 FUCK years
by DavidFlysBoeing99 November 25, 2021
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A term used to describe how many times a woman has had sexual intercourse. Usually used as derogatory description of a woman who has had many sexual partners.
Dude! I told you she wasn't a virgin, she had to have collected more than five entry points in high school.
by chocolatemault September 15, 2010
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Entry Point is a game on ROBLOX that can include heist missions. We will be focusing on stealth.
Here is how you do it:
-Have a suppressed gun, so you dont get detected by shooting.
-Conceal your weapons.
-Do not wear armor. This increases your detection rate.
-Get the required equipment, or/and get someone to help you.
-Disable sensor doors. Sensors will send a signal wherever it's connected. (ENGINEER CLASS REQUIRED)
-Get a disguise. A disguise can unlock few places. You can switch disguises.
-Knock out people for more experience points.
-Steal anything you can (including what is needed)
-Follow your objectives.
-Do not use weapons that dont have suppressor equipment available. They are meant for loud.
-Get good perks before the mission.
I/We are doing an Entry Point Stealth Mission.
by preda046 October 03, 2019
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