Any Video Game with less than 1,000 players on a consistent bases is considered “Dead”

However a game that has less than 1,000 players but still receives updates and new content added to the game. it is considered not dead.
“Man the original TitanFall is such a Dead Game”
by noodlesarecool September 16, 2018
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A popular phrase among attention-seeking Twitter users found under any sort of tweet about a game that's been getting a lot of media coverage to indicate that the hype surrounding the said game has come to a standstill, so the game is no longer worth talking about.

This term may also refer to multiplayer games with a stagnant player base of less than a thousand people playing the game at inconsistent intervals.
Popular singleplayer game releases to lots of fanfare, copies are sold in the millions. The player base drops after a week because people are finishing the game and moving onto other things. The developers still update the game, but under every update is somebody who writes 'Dead Game' in the hope of getting attention or the hopeless pursuit of getting the game off of their feeds.

If you do this, please quit. It's okay to have a discourse about games and their marketing, but when your discourse ends with two words, I don't believe you have anything interesting to say.
by QuienEsJoe February 02, 2021
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A game that doesn't often many games (hosted games with players) on the servers, and the people who are playing insist on creating tiny games/private/ping limited or just kicking everyone they don't know.
Dude the Showdown effect is totally a Dead Game don't waste your money or time.
by The One Above July 18, 2015
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In other words, not going to happen, no chance, hell nah.
Man1 -You still fucking with that hoe Sydney,

Man2- man hell that shit dead game

Man1- it’s ova with?

Man 2 - hell ya That hoe shut down. Dead game
by moneymanBhris March 12, 2020
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a pit bull that will fight to the death and still want more!
gr ch mayday (off Tant's gr ch yellow rom)

a time for work, a time for play
this time it's war, you're time's up today
in a land of killers, i just may be the worst
and this time we'll see whose last days will be first.
i'm the fighter less loved, i take the road less traveled
but who needs a judge, i drop my own gavel
i may be the villain, i may become hated
but in my mind i find your life is outdated
your time has come but i alone decide how
there's a time to get grimey and the time is now!
-dead game and tryin' to scratch-
by 1bulldog March 07, 2008
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A gambling term referring to a player/gambler who will continue to play, regardless of bad or disadvantageous circumstances.
Mic: Jesus, that no-limit cash game just got short handed, and Phil Ivey and Durr are playing. I can't believe Jimmy is going to stay and play.

Ickey: Yeah, I know, but Jimmy is dead game man.
by tsparks747 March 19, 2010
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