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Possibly the gayest class on earth after 7-8th grade (Pre grade 7-8 VERY useful class). A class where one has to over analysis ever little detail in a play, story, essay etc.

Marks are solely based off what kind of teacher you have. You can have the teacher that really doesn't care that much and will give a mark of 80%+ for doing jack shit. Or you can have the kind of teacher that over analysis' ever sentence of your essay and as a result will reward you with a shitty mark (eg 60%) Even though you spent hours on the essay.

The final years of English (grade 11&12 especially 12)is, for some reason, the most important class to take and is technically the only "true" prerequisite for university or college (being that you can get into uni/college programs with only English and no need for math or the sciences and every uni/college program requires English).

In conclusion, English class can either be a walk through the park or hell on Earth for 5 months. Either way it requires you to over analysis ever little detail in plays, essays, stories etc. and make up bullshited thesis' and thematic statements that no one gives a RATS ASS ABOUT. It will usually become your most hated class (doesn't matter what teacher you have) because of the overall stupidity of it and the lack of actual knowledge gained.
Average teenage male after reading Hamlet in English class:

ATM: Wow, that was the gayest piece of shit I've ever read...

High School English teacher conversation:

Class A student: Hey, what'd you get on your essay, I got 90%

Class B student: 60% and I spent 4 hours on it I have a HARDASS teacher

Class A student: LOL I spent an hour and got 90%, I think it's because my teacher doesn't care though lol....

After 5 months of grade 12 English:

Bob: Hey what do you learn in English this year

Fred: Nothing, just like the previous years.
by moneymaker1989 January 02, 2011

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